Solar Panel Comparisons

It is important to understand which solar panel is right for your home. Each panel has many components to look at such as efficiency, size, manufacturing and above all aesthetics. So before you get confused to choose the right solar panel, take some minutes and go through the solar panel comparison to select the best.

Monocrystalline Panels Polycrystalline Panels
It has the highest rate of efficiency since they are made out of the highest-grade silicon. It has the lower efficiency panels and has simpler manufacturing process with less cost.
These panels are space efficient. Since these solar panels have the highest power of outputs, they require least amount of space compared to any other panels. It has lower space efficiency.
These panels are long lasting. Life of the panels is not as good as mono panels.
The performance is better than similarly rated polycrystalline panels even at low light conditions. These panels tend to have slightly lower heat tolerance.
Panels are likely to be more aesthetically pleasing. Speckled blue colour of polycrystalline silicon can be an eye sore.

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