Advantages of Micro Inverter

Micro inverters are newer technology inverters in the market and becoming very popular at a fast rate. In the US more than half of all new solar installations used micros. Now what are Micro Inverters? Well, a micro inverter is a very small inverter designed to be attached directly to a single panel or pair of panels which means that each panel or pair of panels works independently from the rest of the solar. These Micro Inverters have many advantages as compared to other types of inverters.  Let’s have a look at the key benefits.

  1. A biggest advantage of micro inverters is that each solar panel is producing individual output with maximum power without affecting other neighbouring panels.
  2. Since these inverters are smaller in size it can easily fit in the back of a solar panel and does not need to have separate cooling.
  3. Micro inverters could fit in any part of a roof being smaller in size.
  4. It has a better monitoring system since it could be monitored at an individual panel level which allows an excellent opportunity to monitor fault panel and continue to improve their product.
  5. Since there are no particular restrictions of solar panels one can install micro inverters at ease.
  6. Micro inverters operate without noise as it generates less heat for which active cooling is not required.
  7. Micro-inverters completely remove the need for high voltage DC wiring, which improve the safety for both solar installers and system owners.
  8. Expanding your solar system with more solar panels later on is easier with micro-inverters.
  9. Since micro-inverters are not exposed to as high power and heat loads, they also tend to have a longer life.
  10. Micro Inverters comes up with a 25 year warranty with great performance which only applies to high quality micro inverters. Poor quality inverters should be avoided in the market.

Micro Inverters have become common where there is limited space for panels and shading from nearby trees or other objects is often an issue. Micro Inverters have been most successful as the performance from every panel could be monitored. So, if you are looking for the highest quality, safest and best performing system, then high quality micro inverters should be considered.

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