Solar Installation Types

Solar Installation types can be carried out in various ways depending on the needs and requirements. Though rooftop installations have been always popular however there are many choices which go beyond rooftop installation. There are mainly five types of solar installation which we would like to share with you here to give a brief idea that could be beneficial.

On-Roof Solar Installation Type
This is the most cost effective solar installation types. It requires gap around solar panels to let the rain water run away which may look a bit odd. This type of installation does not require any permission except in conservation areas and does not charge for extra square on a property.

In-Roof Solar Installation Type
In-Roof Installation type features solar panels which lie flush with the roof. Compared to On-Roof Installation, this type of installation is more expensive providing less ventilation. No planning permission is required for this type of installation except in conservation areas.

Flat-Roof Mounted Solar Installation Type
This type of solar installation is mostly used for commercial properties. The installation requires blocks or A-frame mounting with enough spacing to prevent shadows. This type of solar panel installation does require planning permission.

Solar PV Tiles Installation Type
Flat roof solar PV system installation gets the maximum exposure to the sun at a specific solar panel angles. It is an alternative type of solar panel installation. This type of installation requires the roof to be totally retiled which can be less efficient and is more expensive than on-roof and in-roof installation types. However, the look turns to be more attractive. No planning permission is required for this type of installation except in conservation areas.

Ground Mounted Solar Installation Type
When there is no sufficient space for roof top installation due to location, sun exposure, areas etc. then the ground mounted solar installation is the preferable choice. In this type of installation, panels are mounted in the ground over racks which stays secured in the ground. The installation usually involves metal and concrete structures to fix the solar panels on and above the ground.  A large amount of land could be cost effective and planning permission is mandatory for this type of installation.

The list is sure to grow as technology develops. Nippon Energy ensures best service to solar installation for both residence and commercial purpose. We would be happy to know your feedback.

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