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‘The Energy Policy Act of 2005’ states that a business owner has the right to claim up to 30% of the total investment incurred for setting up a solar system at home. Depreciation is one aspect of the tax code that facilitates greater investment in renewable energy and ultimately lower costs for consumers. Hence, this makes a great difference in the cost of setting up the system. Current California solar incentives include generous rebates for solar electric and solar hot water systems. When combined with Federal solar rebates your solar panel installation will be approximately 50-60% less because of the incentives!

California is one of the best states for solar power for two reasons: its abundant solar energy and its fantastic solar incentives and rebates. Using solar power as an alternate energy resource helps to conserve the natural resources like water and coal. Lower utilization of the resources ensures reduced wastage. Our solar installers will be happy to brief you in details on the California energy tax credit, rebates, grants and solar incentives like the Million Solar Roofs program.




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  • Seriously, I can’t express how extremely happy I am with not only my new roof and solar panels but with the professionalism of my Rep. - Shawn.
  • I didn't know much about solar installation but these guys explained me everything in detail and guided me through the whole process! - Eric
  • It's been over a year, and they still respond to general questions, usually same day, even during the evening. - Christina

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