solar installation myths san bernardino county

One of the most important solar installation myths in San Bernardino County is that solar panels only work in direct sunlight, so if you live where it is often cloudy, rains or is cold, solar panels would not be worth the cost. Most solar panels have manufacturer warranties up to 25 years so you need not to worry on maintenance. Often homes that have solar panels installed have a greater market value and sell more quickly than those that use traditional energy resources.

Fortunately, solar installation costs in San Bernardino County have gone down considerably since the time when they first started to appear on roof tops. Manufacturing processes have become more streamlined and technology has made them more efficient, which in turn lowers the cost for the average consumer. Using solar power energy is a great idea as it is the cleanest form of energy which comes direct from sunlight, which is free. Switching to solar energy in San Bernardino County is the best long term investment.




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  • I didn't know much about solar installation but these guys explained me everything in detail and guided me through the whole process! - Eric
  • It's been over a year, and they still respond to general questions, usually same day, even during the evening. - Christina

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